Жидкости премиум ATOM без никотина,  изготавливаются из качественных компонентов в США

Описание вкусов от производителя

  1. BLUE ICE SAMURAI ELIQUID - A fresh tasting flavor that reminds users of morning dew. Its taste is sweet with a hint of tanginess that dissipates when the user exhales. Yet the taste of the flavor seems to keep itself within the memories of your taste buds.
  2. BREAKFAST AT LOOMPALAND ELIQUID - The hand crafted blend of exotic cakes, candies, and sweets. This flavor tantalizes your mouth with a rush of excitement and energy, leaving the mouth hungover in the aftermath. It's like the dessert in Narnia!
  3. COCO CABANA ELIQUID - A delicate blend of tropical fruits with a high concentration of sweet, luscious mango. During inhalation it slowly encompasses the taste buds with a rich and aromatic flavor. When exhaled it leaves the entire room smelling like a Hawaiian beach resort.
  4. GARDEN OF EDEN ELIQUID - The leafy earthy taste of the most important fruit in history, the apple. This delicate and juicy fruit has influenced history all the way from Adam and Eve to Sir Isaac Newton. Now making headway with your taste buds!
  5. ICE CREAM HELL ELIQUID - If clouds came down and started a brand of ice cream, no doubt it would be vanilla. The puffy, creamy, rich taste combined with extra milky ingredients to provide a heavy hitting deep, passionate and intense taste. Dessert is on us!
  6. SCREAM BRULEE ELIQUID - The buttery, creamy and gooey taste of the Crème Brulee. A special blend featuring a variety of different ingredients fused together in a synergy of flavor. The perfect vape for after dinner enjoyment! Turn on the TV, kick your feet up, and enjoy!

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